5:30 - 7pm at Thames Civic Centre

Creating new and fun dishes for up to 4 people that cost less than $20 is the key ingredient to TVNZ’s co-host of “Eat Well For Less New Zealand”, Ganesh Raj. With the focus on having fun, breaking the food ‘rules’, and serving up deliciousness, The Humble Yum Yum will add some spice to everyday cooking at home.

You will learn to cook (and get to sample) 2 dishes:

  • i. Chicka-Dillas with Tomato Salsa - a quick, easy and tasty version of the quesadilla that celebrates ‘ready-to-use’ ingredients from the supermarket shelves. This dish will get you twice the flavour for less than half the price!
  • ii. Cauliflower Steak with spinach, rice & capsicum sauce - the mighty cauliflower becomes the star of the show. A full-flavoured explosion of colours and tastes, this dish is filling and nutritious, with flavours that will appeal to your taste buds. And it’s light on your wallet!