Project Description

You can walk to the Pinnacles Hut and summit as either a day or overnight walk.

  • Walk there and back on the Webb Creek Track (6 - 7 hr 30 min)
  • Complete a circuit using the Webb Creek Track and the Billygoat Track (8 - 9 hr 30 min)
  • Choose to stay overnight at the Pinnacles Hut

If you start at the Kauaeranga Road end you will go via Hydro Camp and the Webb Creek Track to the Pinnacles Hut. From the road end car park, walk to the swing bridge to cross the Kauaeranga River and follow the track to the Webb Creek – Moss Creek junction.

Follow the Webb Creek Track to Hydro Camp (1 hr 30 min - 2 hr). You'll climb steps that were cut into rock to make the journey easier for the packhorses during the kauri-logging era. Care is required in places as the rocks can be slippery. At the top of the climb to the Hydro Camp clearing, the remains of a skidded road are visible beside the track.

Skidded roads were made from small logs laid lengthwise with cross pieces forming the ‘skids’. Logs were pulled along the skids by teams of bullocks or steam haulers. From Hydro Camp junction, take the Pinnacles Track, which climbs and sidles around a hill before following a more open ridge.

Enjoy impressive views down a branch of the Tairua River and the rugged volcanic landforms of Tauranikau and the Pinnacles. Pinnacles Hut and Dancing Camp Campsite is a short walk down signposted sidetracks. At the Dancing Camp Campsite, look for the remains of the Dancing Camp Dam, built in 1921.

This stringer flume dam was the second largest dam in the valley, and was partly restored in 1994. Bookings are required for Pinnacles Hut and Dancing Creek Campsite.