Meet the Board:


Chairperson: Heather Moore


Heather Moore’s career as a pharmacist has taken her all over the world. But Thames is where she’s chosen to call home for the last two decades. She’s the owner of Unichem Heather Moore Pharmacy and the Chair of the Thames Business Association.

Over many years living and working in developing countries in Africa and the Pacific, Heather helped local communities improve their access to medical supplies through designing better systems and providing training. She’s looking forward to working with the community here in Thames to improve collaboration and communication to support our local businesses.

Heather says “Thames is such a great place to live, work and play. Our town has so much potential to be an even better place for us. I’d like to help ensure that we can make the best opportunities for everyone through having a strong business community.”


Michael Barlow


Michael was just days away from launching his new business when he stepped up to join the board of the Thames Business Association. He’s part owner of Coastal Bins Limited, which manages skips and wheelie bins for homes and businesses around the Coromandel and beyond.

Michael says “My business partner and I have a passion for the waste industry, and have 30 years of experience between us. I joined the Thames Business Association as a new business owner, and believe I can be a voice for the little guys wanting to give it a go.”

While Michael’s business is new, he’s a Thamesite through and through. He was born and raised here and has spent most of his years living and working in the area.


Adrian Catran


Adrian’s family have been part of Thames for nearly a century and a half. That long connection to our town is what’s motivated him to get involved in the Thames Business Association.

“Thames is part and parcel of my life and it is my intention to improve on what our forebears established here. Thames is a unique town that acts as a service centre to the surrounding districts, with a great sense of caring. It is a beautiful place to live and raise a family, and needs careful nurturing as we move it forward.”

Adrian’s owned Twentymans Funeral Services for 25 years, is a Justice of the Peace and has served on the Thames Coromandel District Council, including as Deputy Mayor. He’s Patron of Valley Pipes and Drums, and founder of the Place at the Table Trust, providing Christmas lunch those who've nowhere to go on Christmas Day.


Geoff Furkert


Celebrating Thames’ history and growing our local economy are two things Geoff Furkert is passionate about. He’s a Business Consultant, and the Thames Business Association’s Secretary.

Geoff says he was keen to join the Association because he sees great opportunities for our historic town. “I am passionate about Thames and its potential to grow and thrive. I want to see the town can prosper whilst retaining its essential and unique heritage qualities.“

During his career, Geoff has developed and implemented business

strategies and improvements across a wide range of sectors. He was based in Bangkok for a number of years while working in Thailand and across South East Asia. Thames has been home since 2002.


Greg Hampton


Contributing to the success of the place where I choose to live” is Greg Hampton’s main motivation for joining the Board of the TBA. He’s the owner of Carson’s Bookshop, an independent store and Thames institution.

Greg says he’s passionate about our community and wants to see it thrive. He wants Thames to be a viable place to live and work into the future. “I believe an effective business association can contribute greatly to a more connected, collaborative, and therefore more successful business environment. As the owner of Carson’s Bookshop and Gallery, I’m particularly interested in rejuvenating our Central Business District."

Greg has 35 years of local knowledge, working in both the private and public sectors from grassroots through to governance and management levels.


Mary Thomson


Kopu sits just to the south of Thames, and that’s where Mary Thomson’s business Fairview Windows and Doors is based. Mary was keen to join the Board to represent the area, which is home to a growing number of businesses.

“I put my name forward as I felt there had to be a voice for Kopu businesses as they are major contributors to the Thames business community. I also believe that the Thames Business Association will provide a collective and therefore stronger voice on any developments that may happen in our town.”

Mary and her husband David moved to Thames two decades ago, and enjoy doing working with customers all over the Peninsula, without the big city hustle and bustle. The Coromandel’s beautiful landscape is also the perfect place for their other big passion - cruising the countryside in vintage cars.


Rachael Cheeseman


Since taking on the role as manager for the Thames Business Association Rachael has not stopped learning. Rachael loves this aspect of the role and is determined to “pay it forward” by providing the Thames Business community with a range of awesome learning opportunities too.

Rachael's lived in Mangatangi on for over ten years, raising children and developing an extensive garden with partner Jason. The garden focus is to grow food over the whole year, provide food and shelter for birds and bees, preserve the produce and create delicious homemade meals.

With a commercial background in hospitality, Rachael brings a diverse skill set and is ready to apply these for the betterment of the Thames community. Having set up two successful businesses, Rachael understands how to operate businesses in very different environments, and has firsthand experience of the focus and energy required.

"My role in Thames is going to be a dynamic one, looking for growth opportunities and supporting business to realise these benefits. I look forward to making a positive contribution whilst collaborating with the wealth of knowledge and talent in Thames. 

"I will be a proactive voice for Thames business that adds value. I'll be connecting with individuals, local businesses, and community groups. This'll give me an understanding of Thames, its culture and unique selling points, and how this can be enhanced. So, sooner rather than later, we'll meet face to face!"