Sat, Nov. 12, 2016 10:00am — 1:00pm

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Dates and times are yet to be set for 2017.


This is a parade like no other...Punk your car, your truck, your bicycle, your tractor or your skate board.  If you are up for it you could even punk your dog!  

Use your fabulous imagination, ingenuity and determination to modify any old vehicle (roadworthy, trailered or towed) and punk it for the parade.  Everyone is invited to take part, simply punk your ride and then turn make sure you are ready to go by 10am at the southern end of Pollen Street by the service station.  

If you would rather watch from the side lines, make sure you are in position by 10am so you don't miss the action.  The parade will make its way up the main street, then travel right through town.  

A a lot of the vehicles will then be on display from 11am-1pm for you to check out.  

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